Environmental Policy

As a travel company PCS are committed to making sure every effort is made to lower our carbon foot print and lessen our emissions. With a fleet of the latest vehicles fitted with carbon reducing features, such as Mercedes Blue Efficiency engines PCS is constantly striving to operate an environmentally efficient service.

We ensure all our vehicles are serviced and tuned on a regular basis in our bespoke in-house servicing department so that they run at optimal performance. Our vehicle investment policy means our fleet is always up to date with the latest models, the latest engine technologies that are designed to run efficiently from one of the worlds most respected car manufacturers in Mercedes Benz. These measures along with staff guidelines help ensure our Environmental Policy (below) is at the forefront of everything we do

PCS Enviromental Policy in Full

We recognise that all of our activities will in some way affect the environment. Viewed in isolation none of our activities will cause a significant or permanent change to the environment. However, we accept that we contribute to many cumulative actions that do cause measurable effects. With this in mind we will seek to minimise the adverse contribution that our activities cause by adopting the following principles: -

Our Principles
1. Caring about the environment in all its forms and recognising that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of the business.

2. Establishing environmental performance standards for each business unit which, as a minimum comply with national Legislation and regional or Global protocols, signed by the UK Government, to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of the biosphere.

3. Using the concept of BATNEEC (best available technology not entailing excessive cost) to develop processes and operational procedures to minimise pollution.

4. Progressively improving levels of environmental protection and reducing waste generated by the operations and commercial activities of the Company through promoting recycling or re-use and ensuring that the methods of disposal and unusable waste are safe and create no long-term environmental impact.

5. Making information on environmental performance with respect to air quality, water and soil contamination available to employees and to any other responsible body having a reasonable need for it.

6. Minimising the risks of environmental accidents and in conjunction with the appropriate authorities, ensuring an emergency response capability to deal with accidental pollution.

7. Supporting the use of energy efficient and low pollution technology.

8. Supporting the adoption of non-combustion energy sources whenever the opportunity arises.

9. Providing the necessary training and support to employees to ensure that they are able to fulfil this commitment given in this statement of Company Policy.

10. Ensuring that any operational location, which is relinquished, is in an environmentally acceptable state and fully considering the impact on the environment, before committing to capital expenditure or before entering any new business venture.

What can we do?
Don’t throw any oil or waste down drains.
Turn off unwanted lights
Don’t let taps drip
Don’t leave vehicle engines running
Don’t mix oil and other liquids
Ensure liquids are all in clearly marked containers
Store chemicals only in approved containers and designated areas
Report any leaking containers to your manager
Keep noise to a minimum
Avoid unnecessary replacement of gloves, mops and cloths
Dispose of cardboard and other waste only through appropriate channels
Keep wet areas clear and free flowing
Only hose down in designated areas
Make sure that you know what to do in the event of a spillage, and clean it up immediately

So when choosing PCS for your travel requirements you can be sure you are choosing a company that's focused on delivering a high quality service level and dedicated to lowering the environmental impact of any journey undertaken.